Podcast: Books

A Chat with Johan Fourie on Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom

In this episode we chat with Johan Fourie about his book “Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom: Lessons from 100,000 Years of Human History”, published by Cambridge University Press. Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom is an entertaining and engaging guide to global economic history told for the first time from an African perspective. In…

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Alessio Terzi: Growth for Good

In this episode we chat with Alessio Terzi about his book “Growth for Good: Reshaping Capitalism to Save Humanity from Climate Catastrophe”, published by Harvard University Press. Is economic growth wrecking the planet? Is economic growth the engine driving climate change, pollution, and the shrinking of natural spaces? To save the environment, will we have…

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Mark Koyama and Jared Rubin: How the world became rich

In this episode we chat with Mark Koyama and Jared Rubin about their book “How the World Became Rich: the historical origins of economic growth”. Most humans are significantly richer than their ancestors. Humanity gained nearly all of its wealth in the last two centuries. How did this come to pass? How did the world…

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Oded Galor: The Journey of Humanity

In this episode we chat with Oded Galor about his book “The Journey of Humanity: The Origins of Wealth and Inequality”. Oded, in a captivating journey from the dawn of human existence to the present offers an intriguing solution to two of humanity‚Äôs great mysteries. A landmark, radically uplifting account of our species’ progress from…

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