A Chat with Johan Fourie on Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom

In this episode we chat with Johan Fourie about his book “Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom: Lessons from 100,000 Years of Human History”, published by Cambridge University Press. Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom is an entertaining and engaging guide to global economic history told for the first time from an African perspective. In thirty-five short chapters Johan Fourie tells the story of 100,000 years of human history spanning humankind’s migration out of Africa to the Covid-19 pandemic. His unique account reveals just how much we can learn by asking unexpected questions such as ‘How could a movie embarrass Stalin?’, ‘Why do the Japanese play rugby?’ and ‘What do an Indonesian volcano, Frankenstein and Shaka Zulu have in common?’. The book sheds new light on urgent debates about the roots and reasons for prosperity, the march of opportunity versus the crushing boot of exploitation, and why it is the builders of society – rather than the burglars –who ultimately win out.

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